fevereiro 03, 2013

Francisca from City Rainbow nominated me to answer 11 questions.
Dream job.
I love art in every form, I would love to do loads of

different things. I would definitly love to do photography
as a full time job.
You don't leave home without...?
My phone.
Describe yourself in one word.
I would say "unconventional".
Favorite fashion blog.
I couldn't possibly pick just one.

I did a post on my favorite fashion blogs, they're quite a few.
Biggest dream.
To be able to live life through art and get a job accordingly.
Type of music in your ipod.
I love music and all it's genres, but I mostly listen to

indie rock and movie sountracks.
Favorite type of apparel piece.
I'm going for my most frequently worn piece...leggins.
Bags or shoes?
Favorite book?
I'm more of a visual person, so any good
photography book
is great for me.
Best 2012 moment
I have to say that summer holidays are
always the best
time I have in the whole year.
Sun or Rain? 
Sun definitely.
Have a joyfull sunny Sunday.

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  1. Nice answers! Indie Rock FTW :D

    xx MJ