maio 16, 2013

My spring make-up is all about full brows, bright lips
and bronzed skin.

Here are my essencials:

. Mosturizer 
In spring/summer I skip my foundation, to keep my skin looking as light and fresh as possible.
It's better to just apply a moisturizer (tinted if you need some coverage).
Mine is Clinique's moisturizing gel.

. Concealer
Just to cover any imperfections or dark circles.
One of my favorites and the one I'm using at the moment is Bourjois healthy mix concealer,
it has such a light formula.

. Powder
If you have oily skin like myself, this is an essencial step to keep the make-up into place.
I'm using Rimmel's stay matte powder, and loving it.

. Eyeliner
For me a cat eye is an essencial all year round, although I try to go lighter on it at spring/summer.
My all time favorite is MAC's fluid line.

. Mascara
Another all year round essencial.
My favorite brand for mascaras is Maybelline.

. Bronzer
In SS I use bronzer not to contour but to actually bronze my skin, going over the high points
of the face where the sun would naturaly hit, like cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.
I'm using Sleek's face form in light.

. Lipstick
Bright lips are everything in SS. Pinks, oranges, reds... I recently bought a hot pink one
in H&M and I'm actualy really impressed, amazing color payoff and light formula.
I'll have to go back for more colors.

As for brows, I didn't include any product here, as I usually fill
my brows with any brown eyeshadow using a sturdy angled brush.


4 comentários:

  1. have a lot of similar products! rimmel powder is indeed so good!


  2. Fiquei curiosa com o pó! Quanto custa? Dá um efeito muito artificial?

    1. O pó é muito light, nada artificial mesmo. É dos melhores (senão o melhor) que já experimentei. E é bem baratinho! Mandei vir pla Asos, se não me engano é à volta de 4€.