fevereiro 05, 2017

Stars & Sales

I've got a thing with stars. I really do. Can't see a piece with star print over it, I just grab! Also, I loved this Zara little red embellished bag ever since I laid my eyes on it. I just could not justify buying yet another bag. That was until it was so cheap I couldn't think of any other reasons not to get it. Love it!

Hope you have an amazing Sunday. <3


4 comentários:

  1. Olá!
    As botas são lindas! Adorei!

  2. The bag looks really nice btw, that's why I clicked on this post hehe XD
    They look worth more than the price of Zara as well! Great choice :)

    Bollianaxo | Student's Lifestyle Blog

  3. Que botas tão giras! Adoro!
    Obrigada pela sugestão

  4. Experimentei essas botas na loja mas não gostei de me ver com elas, mas são tão a tua cara!!!

    >> http://joandcompanystyle.blogspot.pt/ <<