2018 Goals

janeiro 15, 2018


Yep, I'm quite late to the party. It's already the 3rd week of the year. 
So let's set some easy breezy goals for 2018.

Get in shape
Let this be the year when I actually commit to going to the gym religiously!

Learn Le French
Yes, I'm getting myself in a French language course! I love the French language. Actually, 
I love everything French! French style, lifestyle, all of it! Also, I'm starting a project at work 
with a French based company, I might have to travel to Paris a few times. Not complaining :)

Travel (again and again)
If you know me, my passion in life is travelling. I already settled pretty much my 2018 destinations,
and I can tell you I'm really excited about them!

Blog more (or just blog)
I've got a lot of stuff going in my life I feel blogging is the last of my priorities, but its
actually something I really love doing. Have to get back on the bandwagon!

Capsule wardrobe
Enough of impulse buying, of having loads of pieces I'll never come to wear. I know what I like. 
The aim is to build a good staple piece wardrobe (which I already am doing) and get rid of everything 

 I'm so sticking to these!
Wishing you to have the best week. <3

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